Choice — Keto Protein Double Cocoa Ketogenic, 1350 gr.


  • Innovative protein pursuing MRP (meal replacement).
  • Grass-fed protein that focuses on nutrients, including BC30 lactic acid bacteria.
  • Ketoprotein contains natural ingredients such as fats and oils, so once opened, be sure to release as much air as possible after use, and then tightly seal and store. As the taste changes with the number of days, please use up within 1-2 months after opening.
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Important Notices for CHOICE — Keto Protein Double Cocoa Ketogenic, 1350 gr.

Information for use
Nutrition: 3 spoons (approx. 45g) per serving 190.8kcal, 20.8g protein, 7.4g fat, 12.4g carbohydrates, 7.8g carbohydrates, 4.6g dietary fiber, 0.18g salt equivalent

Raw materials and ingredients
Whey protein (including milk components), chia seed powder, cocoa powder, medium-chain fatty acid triglyceride, dextrin, sporulated lactic acid bacteria powder (including milk components) / tricalcium phosphate, calcium silicate, modified starch, sweetener (Stevia)

Dissolve 3 spoonfuls of the spoon in 300 ml of water as a guide.

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Not all grassfed proteins are the same!

Choice is passionate about always searching for the best ingredients in every product.
The reason is not to be a company that boasts the number one customer and sales, but to be the most trusted supplement manufacturer.
For this reason, when customers buy a Choice product, it is important to convince them that they have made the best effort through repeated trial and error using the best materials. You.

Grass Fed Protein is a choice that we recommend with confidence.
Not just as a sales or marketing tool, but because we believe that grassfed protein is better than other proteins.
In recent years, various supplement companies have created similar products of the Choice brand and have launched “Glass Fed”.
But are all glass-fed proteins all high quality?

No. Choice asserts that Grass Fed Protein is superior, just like any other product.

Among the many localities, Choice has carefully selected Grass Fed WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate) from New Zealand.
The climate is the most suitable for grazing in the world, and the area is rich in vegetation and lush greenery. The soil is not polluted and the air is cool.
Choice is convinced that, for various reasons, New Zealand is currently the source of the highest quality dairy products in the world.

So do all New Zealand grass-fed proteins have the same quality?
No, it is not.
We carefully selected the raw materials that we considered the best, one by one, in terms of texture, ease of formulation and nutritional value.
In fact, the only Japanese company that chooses a particular area in New Zealand to purchase whey protein is Choice.

Innovative protein pursuing MRP (meal replacement).

Keto protein aimed at becoming an MRP (substitute for meal) protein based on the dietary history of the primitive era. Its characteristic is that it is not a carbohydrate-rich MRP such as maltodextrin. It’s a revolutionary protein for those who want to consume natural ingredients such as fruits and oats as supplementary carbohydrates. In addition, blended with natural cocoa, coconut milk powder, MCT (medium chain fatty acid triglyceride), chia seed known as superfood, and BC30 lactic acid bacterium based on grass fed protein of New Zealand grazing cows raised without GMO (Genetically Modified Crops). Keto protein, which has passed the doping test by LGC, will support the health and bodybuilding of everyone, including athletes, as a drink after workout or as a snack between busy morning breakfast and meals.

meal replacement


Uses BC30 lactic acid bacteria.

BC30 lactic acid bacterium is a patented spore lactic acid bacterium from Ganeden, USA. Choice pays attention to the research report on taking this lactic acid bacterium and protein together. By blending BC30 lactic acid bacteria, the choice has been made the ideal protein.

Uses BC30 lactic acid bacteria

Highly formulated with MCT powder.

A topical lipid “medium chain fatty acid” as an energy source. Formulated as MCT powder in keto protein. One serving of ketoprotein can consume 3,000 mg as MCT.

MCT powder

Ingestion method that spreads depending on the blend.

The greatest feature of keto protein is its diversity. Normal MRPs are high in carbohydrates and are not suitable for those who want to avoid carbohydrates in their daily lives, but keto protein is a good fit. In addition, honey and fruit can be used to support your diet as an original nutritionally balanced MRP.


Вес 1400 g
Габариты 36.2 × 23.1 × 9.5 cm



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