Choice – Night Protein Cocoa, 1000 gr.


  • Inspection is being conducted by LGC, a designated body of the World Anti-Doping Organization (WADA). The certificate can be viewed in the image.
  • Casein protein powder becomes very thick when mixed with water. One cup of night protein makes a pudding-like shake. If you prefer not too thick, try mixing more water or making the night protein in half the amount. There is no problem if you adjust the thickness to your liking, so please enjoy it with the most easy-to-drink thickness.
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Important Notices for CHOICE – Night Protein Cocoa, 1000 gr.

Information for use
Nutrition facts: 1 serving 2 spoons 30cc (about 30g) Energy 113.4kcal Protein 22.20g Fat 0.90g Carbohydrate 4.11g Salt equivalent 0.09g

Raw materials and ingredients
Casein calcium (including milk components), whey protein, cocoa powder, dextrin, gaba, sporulated lactic acid bacteria / tricalcium phosphate, sweetener (Stevia), L-tryptophan, glycine

Serve with 400ml of water per 2 spoons. You can also use it as a snack whenever you like throughout the day.

CHOICE - Night Protein Cocoa

Choice’s first, grass-fed protein blended with casein.

Casein is characterized by a sustained and slow rate of absorption compared to whey, which is fast absorbing.

Night protein is blended at 75% casein and 25% whey.

Finished with a protein that supports refreshing. Casein also has the characteristic of being rich in tryptophan.


Uses BC30 lactic acid bacteria.

BC30 lactic acid bacterium is a patented spore lactic acid bacterium from Ganeden, USA. Choice pays attention to the research report on taking this lactic acid bacterium and protein together. By blending BC30 lactic acid bacteria, the choice has been made the ideal protein.

Uses BC30 lactic acid bacteria

Contains ingredients that support refreshing, including GABA.

In recent years, GABA has attracted attention because of its support for refreshing. Night protein contains 250mg per dose. In addition, tryptophan (100mg per dose) and glycine (100mg per dose) are blended to support your relaxing time.

Free of artificial sweeteners and GMO (Genetically Modified Crops).

Night protein does not use artificial flavors or sweeteners, nor does it use genetically modified crops called GMOs. As a protein that everyone can trust, Night Protein supports a restful time.


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Gewicht 1000 g
Größe 36.3 × 23.7 × 9 cm



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